Founded by director Peter Clark’s wife, Louise Clark this cause is very close to home.
Beat the Blues Gippsland is an organisation that strives to build people up by supporting those who suffer from mental illness and those who have lost loved ones to anxiety and depression. Louise started Beat the Blues Gippsland in 2013 after losing her brother Derek to suicide in 2008. Over six years Beat the Blues Gippsland has participated in the Run Melbourne every year, running 10,000 km and raising over $80,000.

From 2013 – 2017 the cause raised funds and awareness for Beyond Blue and from 2018 to present Beat the Blues Gippsland have supported Mindful Aus in their mission to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. In 2019 this heart-warming organisation raised the most they had yet with a total of $13,523.73 for Mindful Aus.

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