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Are you looking for a job but not just any job, you’re looking to start a career? A career is far more than simply a task you perform for a fee it’s a path that starts small and builds over time. A career is something that evokes passion and enables you to be the best version of you.

A career is something that provokes conversation around the dinner table and your family ask you about. A career fills your day with passion, enthusiasm, excitement and fear all at the same time. A career is your job and your hobby. A career is something that not only provides for you financially, but also gives your life a sense of purpose. It allows you to make choices, face challenges, creates opportunities and promotes your talents or skills!

At Clark NextRE we don’t see our positions as jobs, we see them all as careers. At Clark NextRE our purpose is “ To create Opportunity through Real Estate”. We do this, on a daily basis, for our clients and staff alike.

But these opportunities are not as transparent or as simple as you may think.With a job, you can make transactions, list a home sell a home but with a career you’re always building more, it becomes about relationships, services and doing what’s right for now and for the future.

We choose our career because we are passionate not only about our own success, but about those who surround us…..our staff, our clients, our community. Our career enables us to “Create opportunity through real estate”.

If you are looking for a career, and not just a job, our team may be just the opportunity you are looking for. We are always looking for new talent and skills to assist our ever growing and dynamic team, so we hope to hear from you. Simply fill out the form below to register your interest, and we look forward to getting to know you.

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We’ve got roles for everyone but not just anyone.

A career in Real Estate can be rewarding, in our team we have a large amount of roles. Sure we have sales agents, property managers and management as you’d come to expect from a Real Estate Agency but we also employ accountants, bookkeepers, design and marketing professionals, HR & payroll support staff. For a taste of some of our main roles, have a look below and if you think a career in Real Estate is for you, get in touch.

Front of House:
Client Support/Reception/Administration
First impressions count, and there is no one more important in any professional environment than the front of house staff. Greeting clients, addressing their concerns, ensuring they receive prompt assistance is just the start of a career in support services. Duties can include phone management, file preparation, client liaison, basic marketing, PR and more. Front of house is a career but also a stepping stone to other roles. Many of our team started out learning the ropes through a front of house role before finding their passion in property management or sales related roles.

Sales Assistant:
A Sales assistant role is often the first step to becoming a sales person. Consider this your apprenticeship to sales. Real Estate is not just about having the “gift of the gab” or “selling ice to an Eskimo”, its about systems, knowledge, networking, experience, being genuine and building relationships. Our sales assistant roles are a gateway to the sales world and will provide you with the skills needed to perform when it matters most (when your clients need you to), not just when the market allows.

Real Estate sales is the career people love to hate. Often idolised, yet also belittled, the sales career is not for everyone. But for those who love the idea of reward for effort and are willing to back their own ability with drive and dedication, sales is the role for you. Our team work rostered days, and weekend work is part of the course, but they are rewarded with industry leading training, system, technology and of course support. With over 6000 sales and climbing, our sales team is not only the most successful…but passionate in the local industry.

Property Management:
Our Property management structure allows for all levels of experience and ambition. With incentives and the ability to grow, every Property Manager has a growth and performance path from day one. Portfolio management can vary from 80 to 250 properties each with varying levels of support and incentives. Roles and careers within property management expand into management roles, business development roles and potentially even sales roles.

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Current Vacancies

We’re currently seeking the following positions:
– Sales Consultant
– Property Manager

If these roles don’t take your fancy, we’re always on the lookout for great people to join our team. Register your interest.

Sales Consultant
Property Manager
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