Technology has altered the way people shop for properties, thanks to websites like buyers can now browse listings, find homes and narrow their search all on their own. Buyers are taking a lot into their own hands, but sellers are still using Real Estate Agencies… why is this?

When it comes to electrical, plumbing, health etc. you will always consult a professional, so why would you sell a property on your own? Most sellers know this and understand that Real Estate Agents are necessary for a smooth and successful sale. The agents at Clark NextRE aim to sell your property in a way that meets your goals, maybe that’s the highest price, or you need to off-load quickly.

Here’s how the agents at Clark NextRE will help you:

1 / Pricing

More accurate estimated sales price. Clark NextRE agents have the industry and local market experience to price your property with accuracy. To do this on your own, emotion can often come into play and could result in setting the price too high or too low. Chances are our agents have sold a property similar to this, in recent weeks and know what the market is prepared to pay. Our agents will ensure the vendor gets the best possible price for their home after all the majority of their wage is earnt through commissions, so it is in their best interest to get a bigger return as well.

2 / Negotiation Skills

A skilled agency such as Clark NextRE will act on your behalf to negotiate a price that you are unequivocally happy with. They act as your agent, not the buyers, so they have your best interests at heart.

3 / Marketing

Embark on the right marketing strategy to maximise the return. With years of experience in the gruelling property market, our Real Estate Agents understand how buyers are looking and have the knowledge and resources to make effective campaigns. A good agent will determine the target market and apply marketing tools that will appeal to specific people; for example, social media advertising for first home buyers or newspaper advertisements for people who are retired.

4 / Presentation

Clark NextRE agents know how to help make a property stand out from the crowd; after all, they do sell properties for a living! Our agents will help vendors to prepare their homes in a way that will appeal to a buyer. Aside from the presentation of the home, our agents know how to present themselves. People often underestimate how much communication with potential buyers can impact on the sale of a home. People selling on their own may not understand boundaries and protocols, coming across as unprofessional and resulting in people turning away from a sale. Using an established agent will ensure that buyers have an easy yet professional experience.

5 / Communication

The beauty of using a Real Estate Agent to sell a home is the vendor doesn’t have to do all the leg work; Using an agent will make selling a home effortless for you as the vendor. You will not be involved in every conversation with a buyer but don’t worry, and an agent will ensure you are given feedback from potential buyers and updated with all the necessary information.

6 / Buyer Engagement

Nurture buyers to commit to the sale. The agents at Clark NextRE know what buyers are looking for and understand how to communicate and give people the information they truly want. Our agents are great at keeping not only the seller updated but will ensure a buyer is given sufficient information and fantastic customer service before, during and after a sale.

7 / Strategy

Create an environment that will generate the best result for the seller. A good strategy is a skill that comes with practice and experience. People selling on their own may not understand that selling a home isn’t as simple as just selling a home; there is always a strategy behind the sale. Method of sale, choice of marketing, open homes, communication are all a form of strategy, and it’s something that our Real Estate Agents are experts at.

8 / Innovation

Clark NextRE has been in the business of selling properties since 1991. Our success is determined by our ability to adapt. It is this constant innovation that equips us with the knowledge and resources to appeal to buyers both on and offline that individuals selling don’t have.

9 / Emotionally detached

Buyers will be more open and comfortable with an agent than they would be with the owner/seller because they know they are not emotionally attached to the home. For example, if the buyer doesn’t particularly like the bathroom and makes derogatory remarks, the seller may be offended, whereas an agent, is removed from the emotional attachment, and can easily discuss options and manage the process. Selling a property can be much more emotionally draining without using an agent.

At the end of the day, Real Estate Agents are here to help you achieve the maximum return on your property, and the outcome will most likely exceed what you could have made selling by yourself.