Supporting our community

How Can We Help?

Our Approach

Our approach to sponsorship and donations has been designed to give our staff the opportunity to support causes close to them.

We have an annual budget allocated to supporting the community. There are two ways in which we split these funds.

  1. Company corporate sponsorship/donations
  2. Staff sponsorship/donations


Company corporate sponsorship/donations.

Corporate sponsorship/donations are assigned by the company and put towards clubs, causes and groups. Most of which we have been supporting for many years.

Our 2019 annual corporate sponsorship/donations have been allocated, therefore this budget is already met. Unfortunately we can’t sponsor or donate to any more causes in 2019 through our company corporate fund.


Staff sponsorship/donations.

Each member of our staff is allocated their own budget of $250 which they can put towards any cause they see fit. This enables them to take the lead and support clubs, causes or groups that matter to them.

Any sponsorship/donation requests will be sent on to our staff. Those who have remaining funds and more importantly believe in the cause will show their support.

In the case of multiple staff members wanting to support the same cause they can team up to give a bigger sponsorship/donation.